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Our Core Values

From inception, Frig Tech WA established core values that have contributed to our success. They describe exactly who we are, what we stand for and what you can expect from us.

Safety: We put health and safety first, the business second. We would never put anyone at risk or in harm’s way. It is our duty to identify potential risks and to redesign systems and procedures to remove all hazards.

Integrity: We encourage honesty and integrity. This means being ethical at all times and remaining consistent in our dealings with you, both formally and informally.

Environment: Not just caring for it and about it, we also respect it. We conserve resources, reduce waste and control emissions so the environmental impacts of our work are minimised. We constantly educate ourselves and remain in compliance with the refrigerant reduction program.

Quality: Our work is our best advertisement. The quality solutions we provide always meet the client’s requirements. We maintain the highest standards to avoid unscheduled downtime and future repairs.

Precision: We have a competitive advantage due to our detailed and precise estimation. We bring stringent project management to the construction, installation and commissioning phases.

Community: We are people who love the people. We enjoy engaging with and supporting the local communities where we work. We participate in neighbourhood projects and contribute to local charities as often as we can.



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