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We have simplified the entire process.
We know you are busy. That is why we have worked hard to develop a business model that allows our team to be proactive and responsive. We will be quick to respond to your call within the hour wherever you are.

This is how we work:

From the moment you notify us of the breakdown or place a request for a maintenance job, your call is logged into our central resource centre which links all our technicians in the field.
The first available technician is notified via their mobile device – we use some of the latest tablets available – so they can pick up the job without any delay.
The job and delivery is tracked in real time as the technician makes their way to you on time and ready to get to work. We monitor the progress from start to finish.

Our reaction time is much faster than most companies in the workplace due to our broad coverage across Western Australia. This is what makes it possible for large companies such as National Retailers to be serviced by one single company, Frig Tech WA, throughout the state.
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